#87 Living in the 2 O'Clock Slot...

So we changed time Saturday night; all the clocks had to be turned back an hour and we all got an extra hour of sleep. Sweet! Plenty of time to dream. And I had one of my strange/funny ones:

Dean and I had come home from somewhere and when we walked into our home, all the furnishings were different and there were little kids' shoes and toys strewn about. But it was definitely our house - we've lived here 11 years and we know which house is ours!

"Oh for heaven's sake. I'll have to call the Slot Manager and see what's up", I said.

So I called the Slot Manager and explained to him that we returned to our home but that is was filled with another family's things.

"Oh. Well, things have been getting weird lately. Something - sunspots maybe? - is interfering with the network broadcasts and messing with the Slot Assignments. I'll see what I can do. I should have it fixed in a minute. Call me when you're back in your Slot." He hung up.

I hung up.

Dean and I stood in our (whose?) kitchen and waited...

All of a sudden there was a whirring sound and everything shook; like when you used to be able to degauss your computer monitor. (Remember doing that? Such fun! The image on the screen would sort of blur and jiggle kinda like some alien image on the Twilight Zone. It was something cool and interesting to do if I happened to be bored at work. But I digress...)

Anyway, when the blurring/whirring stuff stopped, there we were: in OUR house! Everything in it was ours; just the way we left it. So, as instructed, I called the Slot Manager back to let him know we were back in our Slot.

"Great! Yeah - I figured it out. I knocked into a button by accident and all the Slots slipped by an hour. So you were in the 1 O'Clock Slot, they were in the 12 O'Clock Slot and so on. Sorry about that!"

So there you have it! And I bet you're glad to know you live in the 2 O'Clock Slot, too, huh? I mean you must since you're part of my reality and I'm part of yours. At least I assume I am. Hmmm... It all has to do with parallel universes I guess. They must exist if I dreamt about them, right?

I figure it's just a matter of time before quantum physicists stumble upon Slot Theory. Strange that they haven't realized/discovered it yet. It comes before String Theory in the Alphabetized Quantum Theories section of the Quantum Physics R Us store, for heaven's sake.

At least it does if you're living in the 2 O'Clock Slot.

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