#89 Old Friends...

Today I am grateful for new connections with old friends. This picture, by classmate Gary Zieses, was taken at a reunion gathering of my high school friends this past summer. I hadn't talked with Nat Ames since we graduated in 1968(!) and it was wonderful to see him and hear how he was.

I absolutely love this picture! Every time I look at it I can just hear Simon and Garfunkle singing Old Friends in the background - can't you?

One of the greatest joys in my life is the friends I have who have known me - and loved me just as I am - for years. I am so lucky to have you in my life!

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  1. Karen-Anne:

    I am still alive! And,I check here with regularity, to keep up with your sojourns.

    Love the photo, and what your are doing with the house. I am hunkered down just trying to get through this year.... a rough one for me and many others, for sure. But, thank the Lord, my health is good. Well, relatively speaking that is! LOL