#103 Sheesh...

So I decided to go for the MID level of the Online Galleries for my professional site, and of course it's not working now because it takes a few days to settle in. (I thought it broke because I was looking at it so much!) But I'm thrilled never-the-less and can't wait to see it up and running.

With this level I'll be able to have 4 galleries so I can organize my work better and include more. I'm considering making one of the galleries for Etsy stuff; I could showcase some of the things I'l have in the shop. (I'm being confidently optimistic here; my new mantra is "I WILL sell things on Etsy in the New Year!") Anyway...

I'm excited!

Late entry: I was just sent an email saying the site can be viewed here until it settles out. Whew!

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