#109 Everything's okay but...

My mama and Christmas trees don't mix. Two years ago she fell while decorating her tree and ended up with a titanium rod in her femur. Today she was trying to wrestle a new 6ft. pre-lit tree out of her car and up to their apt., passed out  and fell backwards hitting her head. Nothing's broken, and no concussion, but she'll spend a couple of days in the hospital for tests to determine why she passed out.

At least she doesn't loose her voice every Christmas like she used to until she realized she was allergic to the pollen of our real tree...Poor mama!!!

I just looked for the post I wrote when she fell two years ago - I even drew a cartoon about it. Here's the link since it's over at Scones and Crones.

Advice to Mama: Stay awaaaaaaay from the tree!!!

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