#113 Home for Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve and I'm grateful to be snug in our home and to have Dean and the girls and Jake here with me. I thought I'd post a few pictures of our home decorated for the season; this old house seems to really love being decked out!

The entry hall:

This year I put lighted garland on the stairs:


The tree in the living room/music room:


Another view:


My Buddha loves his greenery and stars!

The "boys" on the mantel in the music room:

The mantel in the dining room:


Lladro polar bears on loan from my sister:


The other end of the dining room mantel:

This year I put a tree in the dining room - it's all gold and stars and icicles:


Detail of the dining room tree:


The dining room table with a runner I made from IKEA fabric:


The dining room in the daytime:

The Foo dogs love sporting their holiday spirit, too:


I hope your Christmas is magical! Merry, merry Christmas to you and all those who are sharing the day with you!
(and now I'm going to take off until New Year's Day!)

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