#132 Making progress!

I've been getting a lot accomplished on my studio and figured it was time to share what I've done. I love how it's coming along, and realized as I was working today that the loft I've always wanted but figured was a far off (if ever!) dream, is actually coming into being on the third floor of our home! The light up there is incredible and now with ceiling and three walls painted a pure white (Valspar's Ultra White) it feels like you're floating in a cloud when you're in the space. I can't wait to see what the effect will be when all the trim and and the floors are painted a high gloss version of the same white that is on the walls and ceiling! Today I painted the wall opposite the windows a super lovely shade of lavender/lilac called Wild Vinca. It's a warm lilac and looks great with the orangey red touches I plan to use for some accessories. Here's a similar version of the palette I'll use with the white:

(via coco+kelley)

Since the walls and ceiling were finished, I went ahead an hung the Stendig calendar my sister gave me for Christmas - an old enamel topped kitchen work table will go beneath it. I clipped skirt hangers temporarily to the bottom to try and get it to hang flat since it had been rolled up:

I had fun with the brick wall we exposed, and instead of using mortar to fill some of the empty spaces between the bricks, I used wine corks! Can you see them?

I also painted the radiator white to match the one on the opposite wall:

And here's a view with the colored accent wall - the contrast with the trim will be greater when the floors and trim are painted:

Tomorrow I'll wash the trim and start priming it - and maybe get started on the final coat/s of paint. I'm taking my time and trying to enjoy each step, so it's taking longer than I anticipated it would...but, hey, I'm retired!

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