#136 Mega-oops!

Things are beginning to melt and s-l-i-d-e. As I write, there are periodic thuds outside as the snow comes off the roof. I'm staying put, determined NOT to be buried/knocked out/killed! The snow on the roof of the huge garage that borders our property let loose sometime early this morning and greeted us as we tried to get to our garage. The slide ripped out the snow boards and bent the snow birds that had been installed to prevent this from happening. So much for that plan! It was a pretty amazing sight:

Note that this is the snow from just half of the roof - the other half will probably slide off soon and bury the rest of the walk to our garage. Grrrreat!

And here's a view of the mini luge run outside our back door:

Dean's been knocking off the icicles several times a day, but they keep coming back! I definitely do not go out the back door. Fortunately we can get out via the summer kitchen - but it appears that the snow is about ready to slide off the roof back there, too. Sheesh...more shoveling is in our future!

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