#152 Remembering...

There's not a day that passes that I don't have some memory about living in Norway as a kid. That period in time, now so long ago, still informs so much of what I do and think. Today, for some reason, I remember how much I loved the birch trees that seemed to be everywhere.  I loved the whiteness of their bark; it seemed to be created of thin layers of crisp white tissue that would peel off in a satisfying way. I loved the horizontal markings and spots that I pretended were secrets written in braille. I loved the gracefulness of their branches and the brilliant yellow of their leaves in fall. It would be lovely to have one in my yard someday, but until that happens:

Hope your day is filled with good memories!

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  1. it's a bit of a magic tree, isn't it? i've always loved the 'weeping' variety (the type with hanging branches) - it's so elegant. i love your birch drawing!