#163 Laaah-deee-daaah!

I promise pics soon!

I've been a busy lady - going through Stacks O' Crap as I ready things for their return to the studio (which is looking WONDERFUL if I do say so myself!) I've needed to clear two spaces so windows can be reached and replaced in the next few months, and I've needed to move landscaping and rearrange paths in the garden since work on the deck/porch will begin mid May! Yahooo!

I've also been: 1. escorting the appraiser through our home as we trek through the Home Equity Loan process 2. putting in our application for a Certificate of Appropriateness with the Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB) since we live in the Historic District and need that to replace our windows (we go before them 3 May - keep your fingers crossed!) 3. applying for the work permit for the porch (got it!) and celebrating that it can't be seen from the street and, therefore, doesn't need approval by HARB (whew!) 4. getting info on the Elm Street project that might provide part of the funds to have our facade repainted (any free moolah is welcome!) 5. determining who I'll get bids from for said painting project that will also include the rear section of our home 5. making the final decision on window colors and paint colors and window hardware, etc. 6. getting my drivers license renewed 7. getting things together for an overnight trip up to Syracuse to bring back stuff from Megan - I'll head up next Tuesday.

I think that about covers it.

Makes me tired just writing about it! Think I'll head up to bed now...I'm tired. But HaPpY!


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  1. Love the idea (just saw the post from 5 March), but wonder about the loss of light in the kitchen and dining room. Can you alternate with clear or translucent panels on the new roof area? You'd be able to easily clean from above a couple of times a year like we can't on our greenhouse breakfast nook!).