busy and then some...

Been a busy couple of days. My laptop bit the dust yesterday morning so I ran around getting a new computer. Must say, I'm loving my new iMac with it's 21.5 inch screen! Very elegant. I love it!

But having a desktop now instead of a laptop meant having to rearrange my studio to make it work. The computer is (obviously) in place now, but the studio looks like a tornado hit it. A BIG tornado.

Still managed to get my daily quilts done however. Just had to post yesterday's a day late. Truth to tell, yesterday's was actually one I had done before, but I wasn't sure I could part with it because it really spoke to me. But I'm ready to now - and it was nice that it saved me yesterday from having to make one on top of getting the new computer set up.

Here is yesterday's:

And today's:

It would seem that the desire for the return of an orderly studio was on my mind when I made today's! The stripes and colors are just what I have up here!

-karen anne

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