i'm back!

i'm eager to get going on my daily practice again, but not at all sorry that i had to take a bit of a break. we had the most wonderful vacation; a cruise to norway and scotland on the MS Rotterdam. pictures will be forthcoming, but sewing new quilts comes first!

i've been so busy making the quilt that i never made a business card to hand out to interested people. remedied that today:

so, now that that's done (along with a new banner for the shop) i'm all set to get sewing! 

oh - and i sold my first quilt and put it in the mail on saturday. i'm okay since i know it will be loved by its new owner. i look forward to sending more to new homes!

karen anne

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  1. Your trip sounds wonderful - can't wait to see pictures. Also of course I'll be looking forward to any new quilts you create.