thank you, punahou...

years ago i was lucky enough to attend an incredible private school in hawaii. started by missionaries, punahou is also where president barrack obama went. while he graduated, i was only there for my freshman and sophomore years, but those two years had a profound effect on me. i learned more about being an artist and writer in those two years than in four years of college.

and now, here i am, working regularly in my studio, and absolutely loving writing a short narrative/poem to accompany the small art quilts i make each day.  yesterday's and today's are two of my favorites.


they lived in japan then. the ship had left that morning, taking with it the man she loved. their baby was sleeping soundly upstairs... she sat in the dark house, sipping cabernet from a crystal goblet, listening to chopin, and staring at the rain running in rivulets down the narrow street...


if she sat very still in the garden just as the sun rose, she could sometimes hear her roses singing. "usually it sounds like a cross between a lullaby and a madrigal, " she said, "but at other times there's definitely a bit of bosa nova going on..."

i loved the creative writing class i took in summer school at punahou between my freshman and sophomore years. we were challenged to edit our writing to just the essence of what we were trying to express. what an incredible class. it ruined me for writing the long papers required in college, but now it helps me each day when i reflect on the new little quilt in front of me and listen to its story...

karen anne


  1. I'm in awe!! Looking at your quilt while reading your words the whole story unfolded in my mind.

  2. It is interesting how, when I making the quilts, I "hear" the story - and often the stories have to do with moments in my life that I might have forgotten 'til then. i love being treated to these little glimpses and realizing how precious they were - and are.