tried another little gouache today - well, really a mix of acrylic and gouache. when i did the stitching on it i had the presser foot up since having it down made marks on the previous pieces. and this time i mounted it on a backing (of the same paper stock) with cross-stitching.

i'm wondering about the painting and the way the brush marks show. i kind of like it this way but wonder if prospective collectors might want the color fields to read as really solid. what do you think?

karen anne


  1. I'm always a fan of a little texture -- so I'd say stick with the 'lines'. Looking at art I like to get a 'connection' with the artist and a too glossy - perfect - creation somehow loses that personal touch. Just my opinion of course *smile*.

  2. Thanks, Penny - I'm glad you agree! There are time when I love absolute smooth, solid color and I love being able to achieve that so easily in my digital drawings like here: http://karenanneglick.blogspot.com/2012/07/sognefjord.html

    But it's lovely to have a painterly quality on these - they are small and intimate and somehow need that I think. :-)