the 150th quilt!

i know, i know, it amazes me, too! who would have ever thought that i would have made it this far, huh? but i have! and to celebrate, i've committed to starting another project: my health and well being. baby steps will be taken since this is a project i've started and stopped many, many, many times before, but i'm strangely optimistic and quietly confident. i have the quilts to thank for that.

amazingly, the quilt that "appeared" today supports my new effort in a humorous way:

she had lived long enough to know that these moments of clarity - like the one she was feeling now - were few and far between and couldn't be summoned. they just appear. "no way am i fritterin' away this moment!" she said as she grabbed a pencil and paper and started writing her plan to change all the things she usually ignored...

so...no more fritterin' away time on the computer today! i'm out the door to get some exercise!

karen anne

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  1. What a beautiful achievement. I love this quilt's message. After all - the most important thing we can do is to take care of our very own selves. I'm about to take my morning walk, humming under my breath because I able to do it.