getting ready...

the weather gurus are predicting that we'll be right in the path of hurricane sandy - a storm some are saying will be "historic"...


i spent the afternoon pulling my geraniums and repotting them to bring indoors, and helping get the porch furniture secured along with everything else that might take flight in the 70mph gusts we are to expect.

yikes again.

after all the work was done, i picked a bouquet of what's left in the garden. probably the last of the year. it made me so sad to leave the other blossoms, knowing what is to come...

i didn't get to today's quilt until well after 9pm, but here it is:

cold drizzle grey clouds
hurricane just two days out
come inside for tea

it could be that hurricane sandy will leave us without power for a bit - hopefully no more than a few days! - so if that happens i won't be able to post here, let alone make my quilts, until power is restored. rest assured i'll be back as soon as i can if you find me missing for a few days. and if you're in the path of the storm, or have loved ones who are, i hope everyone will come through safe and dry!

take care,
-karen anne

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