learning from mistakes...

i've had the "mistake" that's central to today's quilt for several months, wondering if i would use it or toss it and which, not being able to decide, i have kept - but where i've seen it everyday. it was a piece of fabric that got tangled up in my printer when i was printing labels for some quilts. something about it was appealing; the negative space, the way "listen" was the one word that was whole and readable, the color range from black to grey to just a hint of lavender...

today it asked to be used.


mistakes will happen
they are teachers in disguise
embrace the lessons

i've made a lot of mistakes. a lot. 

they have been my very best teachers.

odd as it may sound to some, i am quite serious when i say that i am grateful for mistakes.

: : karen anne


  1. After seeing the beauty of this piece, I'd opt for more mistakes.

  2. This one doesn't look like a 'mistake' at all. I think the universe sometimes tells us something through our 'mistakes' and they turn out to be quite wonderful.

  3. Thank you both! I've made a LOT of mistakes in my life so I've become good at turning them around and using them to my advantage. :-)