something about bowls...

i don't know what it is about bowls, but i'm really drawn to them. maybe with this second quilt about bowls a little series is in the making, but i guess i won't know until/if more appear.

three bowls are waiting
the past, present, and future
which captures your heart?

do you have a favorite bowl? what draws you to it?

: : karen anne


  1. Oh my, do I have bowls?!! I love them and have collected quite a few small, handmade pottery bowls. One sits constantly in my studio, holding bits and pieces that I want to use in future work. Another holds rocks, collected from here and there, on a table in the living room. Another one... well you get the picture *smile*.

  2. I have quite a collection, too. I've been thinking about starting a collection of just red bowls - can just see a lovely display of them!