the harried season...

yup. it is definitely the beginning of harried season; that time of the year when we all start running around like we're on fire and getting crabby about all we have to do and all we haven't started, finished, or written a list about.

i really thought another quilt was going to appear today since i've been thinking a lot about paths lately. but no. the harried season came out:

rush rush always rush
couldn't you stop for some tea?
i really miss you

it's interesting to me that some color is beginning to return to the quilts. maybe the quiet spell is giving way to something new? 

i have taken time, though, in between bouts of frenetic doing, to photograph the amazing clouds we've had the past couple of days:

looks like they might have informed the composition of today's quilt, don't you think? 

i got a lot done today, so maybe tomorrow i'll play a bit. there are cards that need to have glitter applied and that always makes for a good time.

but i will take a break to look at the sky and see what magic is happening up there...

: : karen anne

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  1. Lovely posting! I'm sure some more sky-gazing will present you with new patterns to try.