i'm a lucky girl...

today is a quiet winter morning, much like those that have come before, but for some inexplicable reason, i'm struck by the deep goodness of having a happy marriage and of how lucky i am to know that. thirty-four years with the same man is something to be proud of i suppose... but it's more to be cherished i think - just as i cherish him. i'm not an easy person to live with. he has his moments, too. but, all in all, we love each other, respect each other, and honor each other and our time together.

the feelings came through in today's quilt and haiku:

an easy exchange
conversations ebb and flow
still life of marriage

i love a sweet man who makes me laugh and who makes me coffee each morning.

i'm a lucky girl.

: : karen anne


  1. I'm happy for you both, Karen Anne! A good relationship is one of the most important things in life, I think.

    1. Thank you, Ersi. My parents have been married 68 years and set a wonderful example!