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When energy is flowing and we feel alive, empowered and have confidence that we can communicate our needs, that means the fifth chakra is open. When the energy is constricted, we feel like we are not being heard. Energy blocks in this area are often associated with thyroid problems or chronic neck pain

The Law of Detachment, which states that in order to acquire things in this world, we have to relinquish our attachment to them, is the principle that governs the throat chakra.

An open expression chakra enables us to feel confident in expressing our truth without concern of critics or other people’s opposing views. This does not imply we say things that are intentionally hurtful or insensitive, but that we skillfully and compassionately present our needs in a life-supporting way. Anxiety over how other people will perceive us slips away when the fifth chakra is open.

                                                                                                             - david simon, md

my neck has been killing me for several days...it's the part of my body that reacts most to inner and outer stimuli. why am i surprised then, that it is trying so hard to get my attention?

you would think that after all these years, and after all the times i've gone through this, that i'd get it. 

but no.

each and every time i have to remember all over again...

the summer kitchen in our 1831 home. a good place to have tea...

expressing myself creatively each day is what my fifth chakra needs to stay open.

not thinking about expressing myself. thinking just gets my neck all tight and achy and i've been thinking waaay too much since i decided to take some time off from a daily practice.

i need to get The Committee off my back and loosen the strangle hold they have on my neck.

i need to get out of my head and back in my heart.

it's just that simple.

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