good fortune...

after a wonderful visit with some old and new, but equally beloved family members, i'm keenly aware of how fortunate i am to have a heart whose songs i not only sing often and joyfully, but whose melodies are heard clearly - and often joined in with reciprocated glee. (sometimes even with three-part harmony!)

i think the visit is what prompted today's drawing. while i know deep in my bones how blessed i am, i know that many are not so lucky...

fragile faded dreams
of hearts with songs unsung
dying to be heard

it pleases me the way the fabric creased in parts when i ironed it. and i like the way there's a faint line/crease horizontally across the top. both bits effectively add to the melancholy of the piece i think.

may you have a heart whose songs are sung and heard.

: : karen anne

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