i've been away a bit - blowing my nose and squinting through eyes squirting tears nonstop. i've had occasional bouts with seasonal allergies, but this beats all. reports of "very high" levels of tree pollen is the only explanation i can think of. i finally found some medication and eye drops that seem to be helping, so i felt up to making a drawing today. it's been almost a week - i was starting to get grouchy on top of sniffling and sneezing. not good. not good at all. (just ask my dear husband!)

anyway, enough of that. let's get move on to a better subject, shall we? how about textile drawings?

i'm drawn to combining orange and purple for reasons i can't explain. when i worked at a small local college, i painted three walls in my office a color called "yam" and one wall a deep rich purple. to my delight, the purple somehow crept out of the office and onto a couple of walls in the slide library and reading room...

and the past two days i've been wrapped up in designing a logo (i don't know, do i really need a logo??? it just seemed like a good idea...) that somehow ended up with my beloved combo. good thing i like the color combo considering the inordinate amount of time i've spent on compulsively tweaking the design. at least i added a bit of grey, red and yellow...

which was, obviously, on my mind with today's drawing:

fields of lavender
a delight for nose and eye
fragrance and color

so there you have it: another ode to orange and purple... (well, two if you count the logo)

just like in the song "love and marriage", you can't have one without the other.

not, at least, in my world...

(ha! i just realized that even my allergies made their way into today's work with the reference to "nose and eye". my mind is soooo weird.)

: : karen anne


  1. I saw your logo the other day- I love it! I love the colors. Of course, you don't need a logo, but why not, when you have a good idea.

    1. Trying to get everything to relate/coordinate can be a real challenge especially with my Gemini personality and seemingly disparate styles in various mediums. I'm determined to have it all finished by the time the Art Quilting Studio article comes out 1 June! Off to wrk on the main website design now...