first frost...

it's a chilly gray day with temperatures reaching only into the high 60's.

just a matter of time before we have our first frost.

i've been painting today and working on some prints, but i took some time to work with fabrics, too:

first frost. pieced linen, colored pencil over canvas. 12" x 12". 2013

first frost (detail)

a fall-type dish of butternut squash, onions, and apples is roasting in the oven for dinner and making the house feel extra cozy.

a mug of hot chocolate before bed might be called for, too.

i looooove this time of year, don't you?

 : : karen anne


  1. I love autumn too though frost will take some time to come to this part of the world (Spain). We are still in the cozily warm days / pleasingly cool nights period. Your work is very inspiring, as always. Your way of keeping it simple is delightful.

    1. Thank you so much, Ersi!

      I seem to be entering a quieter period and simplicity comes more easily these days. It's nice to have time to just breathe, isn't it?

      Cool nights in Spain... I remember such evenings when I was there years ago. Enjoy!

      Karen Anne