a holiday shop!

yes! i figured out how to add a shop to my website, so i decided to start out small and have a holiday shop. i have just my 2014 desk calendar and 2014 holiday ornament listed, but hope to add more soon; a couple of different styles of ornaments and, perhaps, a few sets of blank holiday cards. we'll just have to see how this coming week progresses as my 'to-do' list seems to be growing with each breath i take!

here's a quick screenshot of how it looks:

there are clicks to new pages, to enlargements, to back and forth paging, and then i had to construct the "add to cart" buttons, and links for after sales to a "thank you" page. it's fun to think in all these dimensions and figure out what needs to goes where and what shows and what shouldn't. whew!

i've gotta say the learning curve was a little steep at first, but i think i've got the hang of it now. i hope to be able to eventually add a way to purchase the gallery work after the holidays, but i'm thinking of just having the prices listed with the work and then offering to send the prospective buyer an invoice via paypal. seems a more professional option for big ticket purchases and will save me from relisting all the work in the shop setting. i can use the shop for specialty/seasonal and less costly items. i think the shop can effectively be for the "design studio" part of my work - an unapologetic way of supporting my gallery work. that's my thinking at present anyway. we'll see what happens over time because is also means i'll need to up my marketing profile.

so. i'm officially pooped. but excited never-the-less.

i've already had some sales, so tomorrow will find me busy wrapping, packing and shipping. 


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