new work. 

11" x 11" digital photographs (taken with my iPhone and manipulated in both instagram and photoshop) of small chairs. each begged to be completed with a circular line of red embroidery.

i realized after i completed the six pieces that they told two small stories, each about the progression of love. and, after researching a bit about the significance of red thread combined with circles, i discovered that what i had added intuitively to the work was an expression of protection. red circles, red thread bracelets, red dots on foreheads, etc. are used in many religions and cultures as symbols/sources of protection.

the first story:


bride and groom



the second story:

flower child

first love

it would be fair to say that both stories are autobiographical - though i had no idea about that as i worked on them.

it seems, even to me, that i work backwards. very few things are planned in the studio. 

i just listen. and then i listen some more...

i doubt i would have ever known that these stories about love - and about the protection that surrounds us when we are loved or offer love - needed to be told if i hadn't been listening. 

and i didn't know until i finished them just how much I needed to hear what they had to tell me.

: : karen anne

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