where does the black crow fly?

i completed four 12" panels yesterday, intending to hang them together, but the last panel just didn't work with the first three. I have these hanging vetrically in the living room right now so I can think about them a bit. I think they might be equally effective hung horizontally:

i chose the title "where does the black crow fly" partly because i spied a crow from my studio window, and partly because i used a feather to draw with black ink on the fabric pieces before i cut up them up to use. the blue was chosen randomly, but, truth to tell, my subconscious must have been thinking about the blue sheen that can sometimes be seen on crow feathers. such a mysterious blue…a brilliant accent to the black.

each piece is sewn with a flannel backing before being wrapped around a 12" square canvas and stapled:

the last one sits on my mantel right now… i like it, just not with the others:

and here is the completed work in our living room:

the work inspired a set of earrings, too, with carved black cinnabar and pyrite:

: : karen anne