past, present, future...

these nine quilted drawings will be invisibly stitched on squares of beautiful white linen stretched over 17" square canvas stretchers and presented as a group. the title is tentatively "3² Meditation", but i'll happily entertain any suggestions for others my dear readers might have!

i'm pleased that i'm finally using some of the quilted drawings together in a large format and that the presentation references the traditional nine square quilting pattern; combining the past and the present and creating a fresh, new piece for the future:

i had originally thought i'd frame each drawing in a simple white rectangular frame (with glass) and made the mock-up you see below. it took a bit before it hit me that they should all be square to incorporate the historical reference that adds another layer and, i think, strengthens the work. when i tallied the cost of materials and shipping (hoping it is accepted for an exhibition) i realized it would be prohibitive. then it dawned on me that a more appropriate presentation would be to blind stitch each drawing to a piece of linen stretched over stretcher bars as i've been doing in other recent work. the 17" squares work well with the size of each drawing and, allowing 2" between each canvas, fits within the size constraints of the call for entries.

i love that the work won't be behind glass and that the linen and shape of the whole piece will say "quilt" while at the same time communicate that the work can/should be seen as more than just "quilt"; able to hold it's own beside the traditions of painting, drawing, and sculpture.

i got a great buy on the stretcher bars that will arrive in a couple of weeks, and i was able to find the perfect linen at 50% off - so the total cost will be in a much more manageable range, and not having the weight of nine framed pieces to wrap and ship thrills me to bits.

can't wait to get this project completed exactly how i envision. i'm a stickler when it comes to how my work is presented, and i'm really happy with the solution i came up with!

fingers crossed it will be accepted for the exhibition!

: : karen anne

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