my grandparents and great grandparents on my father's side emigrated to the united states from norway in the late 1800's.

today, especially since i've been thinking about my trip back to norway two years ago this week, thoughts of my ancestors have been with me in the studio.

what courage they had to leave their homeland and sail across the ocean with no certain idea of what lay ahead… except their dreams and some vague notion of what their life might be like here.

i wonder if i would have had the courage.

would you?

i thought about them as i worked. the resulting piece:

they had the courage to leave. collage of recycled oil paintings on canvas, machine stitching, canvas remnant. 17" x 8.5".

they had the courage to leave (detail)

they had the courage to leave (detail)

i'm encouraged by this piece. 

to continue to reflect on the journey and life of my grandparents and great grandparents feels especially important right now. 

i won't discover a new home as they did, but i'm certain i will discover more about them  - and about myself in the process.

: : karen anne

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