sunset at sea...

cleaning the studio came to a dead stop today because i came across my stash of discarded canvases; throwaways from first year oil painting students at a local college. stripped from their stretchers and piled high under dad's old standing desk on the landing, they called to me to quit cleaning and make a collage. 

a lovely way to exercise compositional skills, and a nice break from cleaning:

Sunset at Sea. 2014. collage of discarded oil canvases. 6" x 6" x 1.5"

this is the first time i've tried using lattice strips to frame a canvas. definitely need a bit more practice. and i glued the collaged pieces over a ready-made 6"square canvas. i think i'll try gluing them onto mdf next time; it will be easier to get the lattice strips flush to the edges without having to deal with where the canvas is folded.

: : karen anne


  1. Oh wow! Absolutely stunning! Frame is perfect!

  2. Thank you so much, Jennifer! I'll be doing more of these, so I hope you'll check back to see them.
    Karen Anne