#100 Thanksgiving at The Parsonage House

What fun we had all gathered 'round the table! We started with the First Annual Grace Trifecta; a traditional Episcopal grace, followed by one in Norwegian, followed all of us singing For Health and Strength in a round - about four rounds worth! That really got our appetites worked up and then most of us overate...uffda...prompting us to declare that someone should invent a dining chair that reclines!

I'm thankful that we were able to gather in Carlisle this year, thankful that we're all healthy and happy, thankful that we'll welcome a new addition to our family in February (Bennett will have a little brother!), thankful that everyone is in school, or employed, or happily retired, thankful that we are truly a FUNctional family and dearly love one another. And I am Especially Thankful that all the leftovers have been consumed and that tomorrow morning I can start withdrawing from what has been a massive carb overload! (I'd start tonight but there are still a few ginger cookies left...)

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