#92 Let the Sunshine In!

I remember when Megan was tiny - only a month or two old and I was all by myself with her and feeling very down. Very. I had never been around babies until her birth and I was feeling unsure and overwhelmed. Dean was floating off the coast of Lebanon on the battleship New Jersey and my family was 3,000 miles away in Virginia. I realize now that I had the classic signs of postpartum depression, but it wasn't something that was talked about then so I just had to muddle through on my own. At any rate, I had had a long day of being a new mom and was nearly beside myself with all it entailed. I had Megan on the bed and had just changed her diaper. I bent over her, tickling her tummy with my head. The most miraculous thing happened: she laughed for the very first time! This little teensy baby girl let out the funniest little belly laugh! And suddenly it felt like the sun had come out and the sky had turned a brilliant blue and I knew, without a doubt, that everything would be okay.

Such is the healing power of of a little baby laughing! Seeing this video brought back the miracle of that moment:

To this day, laughing - with both my daughters - is some of the best medicine in the world...

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  1. that might be the happiest video I have ever seen:) Rosalie & I watched it while she was sitting on my lap. Her laugh can brighten the gloomiest moments.