#93 White Light...

I've spent the past few days up to my elbows in white paint as I finished the four radiator covers Dean built for the dining room and kitchen. (Pictures soon, I promise!) And while I was painting I couldn't help but imagine my studio painted all white. I love white floors and can't wait to freshen up the studio floors with a high gloss coat of pure, glistening W-H-I-T-E. After Thanksgiving, it will be the next project. Need to get it done so I can move my huge collection of art/art-related books up there. The old Chinese Puzzle Syndrome. You see, once the studio is painted and I've put together the bookcases (five of them!) I can get the books moved and then I can paint the music room and living room and make way for a massage table in the summer kitchen. For Reiki sessions, of course. Or just to lie on; the better to look up at the rafters and out the skylights and float away on the clouds passing above...aaah, that would be sooooo nice to do, yes???

So, anyway, I clearly have a Plan. It's just its got three million gazillion steps. (I think I'm on Step Six as of yesterday...)

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of white floors I found on the web...and have a great Monday!

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