#116 Bits and Pieces...

Thought I'd post a few pictures of what I've been working on the past couple of days; some brooches, necklaces and framed "quilts" that I've been making. They are composed of bits and pieces of fabric that I've sewn on a felted backing which was formerly a wool sweater I scored for the purpose at Salvation Army and felted in the washing machine. I like sewing the grid - very meditative work. (And, believe it or not, getting really into the work completely relaxed the three day muscle spasm I've had that even meds didn't touch!) I like that the grid imposes a sense of order to the "chaos" of the fabric pieces. And I enjoy the feeling of sewing the fabric on the felt and the way the felt reacts to being sewn. There's more there that I want to explore.

I'm still playing around with how best to photograph the work, testing out backgrounds and lighting. I'm not happy with it yet...partly the camera, partly the photographer. I'll get there eventually...

And yes, at some point all of this will result in having something to sell in my Etsy shop.







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  1. Hello Karen Anne, Happy New Year! This fabric art you are doing is ver beautiful, you must get going and get it in your shop!!..the pictures/lighting don't need to be any better, they're great! On the plain background, the work looks stunning. And I'm also in love with your house! x