#140 Nesting/Creating...

The day before yesterday I was taking a walk and there was something about the quality of the air and light, the temperature, and the sound of snow melting that sent me flying back through time - and I felt as though I was 6 or 7 years old again, living in Norway, and feeling the joy of the first day that held the promise of spring. I felt just as I did when I realized that finally, finally, the snow had melted enough that I could hop on my bicycle and go for a ride. The dark winter was ending and the long days of summer, lit by the midnight sun, were just around the corner, bring with them a world of possibilities.

The feeling has stayed with me today, and I felt the urge to start fresh after a winter of hunkering down - but where to begin?

A new look to my blog, for one. And a new business card for another (I may do some tweaking) :

(click to view larger)

Do you like them? I think they were inspired by the baby shower I went to yesterday, and a conversation I had about nesting. (Thank you, Shannon!) How wonderful it is to be a woman and feel that urge to nest - and to create! Those urges, those callings, a part of our lives whether we are a Maiden, Mother, or, the role I now happily embrace: Crone. I love this role; sweet in different ways than the others, and filled with a deep, deep richness.

Today is a good day.

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