#141 Digital Drawing

I love to draw. The making of marks on a pristine surface thrills me in a way that's hard to explain, but that's the way it is. Recently I've been really enjoying doing drawings in Photoshop - with my finger. I have a laptop, so controlling the cursor by moving my finger on the touchpad is even more difficult than moving the cursor with a mouse, but I like the thread-like effect of the thin lines. And I'm feeling the urge to start doing more drawing with thread on fabric again - sewing by hand and sewing machine - and inspired by the digital drawings. There's a real tug in me to keep working like this and see where it leads. Maybe I'll find that the digital drawings are actually sketches for larger fiber pieces. We'll see!

I've put several of the digital drawings on my main site, but here's the one I did today:

Rite of Spring

The process is becoming a bit addictive and, as a result, I haven't gotten any woodwork painted in my studio.

Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

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