#161 Having fun...

I've been off galavanting and having a ball!

Mom and Dad came up for a visit this Monday and stayed 'till yesterday. It's so wonderful to have them here and I missed them the moment they left!

Fortunately I had a wonderful event to take my mind off their departure; I drove to West Chester PA and met an old friend for the first time in 25 years. We had a 5 hour lunch/talkfest and it was such a blast. I'm so glad she's back in my life again.

 The Karens (Chu and Glick)

During this week of visiting, my studio floor has been quietly curing. Now, a couple of days past the required drying time, it's ready and I can start getting everything back in and put away. I'll spend most of the day putting bookcases together - yahooo!!!

I'm so excited I think I'll burst if I don't end here and get started!

See ya' later alligator!

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