#160 Karma

Yesterday I was presented with a test.

As I approached my car in the parking lot at Lowes, I noticed a rather large roll of paper money on the ground behind a van that was just pulling out from the spot next to my car.

I picked it up and ran after the van, trying to get the attention of the driver.

He finally stopped when he heard me yelling after him.

"Is this yours, Sir? Did you drop it?" I asked.

He looked a bit confused and then reached for the money, mumbling something about how it must have fallen. He never said thank you, just looked at me like I was crazy.

Maybe I am. But I don't think so. I know I did the right thing to try and find the owner of the money. If he was the owner then all is as it should be. If he wasn't, well, I wonder how he feels having taken it. I wonder how he'd explain that to his kids if he has any.

I'm very aware that I live a charmed life. But a big part of that is due, I think, to passing the tests that are so often presented to me in so many situations. I'm not about to risk what I've been blessed with by cheating, looking the other way, or doing what I know in my heart is wrong.

I believe in karma.

I believe in doing good. It's so much easier, and it makes me really, really happy.

I can go to bed with a happy heart and sleep peacefully at night.

I wonder  how the man driving the van slept last night.


  1. You did the right thing Karen. He was probably embarrassed at having been so careless. I'm imagining he was halfway home when he realized how kind you were.


    It wasn't his money and he will have his own karma to deal with.

    Either way, you did the right thing.

  2. Hey Karen, I have you on my blogroll but for some reason it doesn't show when you have a new post. Is this something you can alter in your dashboard?

    WV: roses. How cool is that???