i took my sketchbook along with me on our cruise and really enjoyed capturing a few of the many things i saw that intrigued me. very simple pencil sketches, not very well photographed, but i thought i'd share them anyway.

leaving kristiansand, norway...the water was so smooth and the land just a wisp in the distance:

as we approached the shetland islands, i made this quick sketch with pencil and then added color with powdered eyeshadow - my browns and greens were the exact shades i saw out the window of our stateroom:

i fell in love with the little white houses on the shetland islands. each perfectly proportioned, they begged to be captured, so i complied:

i used the last one as inspiration for a large charcoal drawing that i'm considering framing for my show in august...but i think i'll do some other variations and then choose the one i like best. this is about 16 x 20 inches:

okay, that's it for today, except to say how good it feels to be back to my daily art quilt-making practice. check out today's here!

karen anne

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  1. Lovely sketches! I can see from yesterday's quilt that you're incorporating your recent trip into stitchery - its beautiful.