new work...

shadows of the past. digital print with embossing. 12 x 16 inches. 2012

the secret language of water. digital print with embossing. 13 x 19. 2012

up down. digital print with embossing. 13 x 19. 2012

all three are derived from photographs i took in norway. all have bits of embossing that doesn't show here; house and window shapes on "shadows of the past", some wavy lines and one straight one 2/3 the way up the page on "the secret language of water", some stair step shapes and vertical lines on "up down". i'll try to photograph them later when i photograph today's quilt and see if I can get the embossing to show up...

time for lunch and then a quiet afternoon quilt-making. wonder if it will reflect this new work?we'll see!

karen anne


  1. I love the stairs and the door -- it makes my imagination fly!

  2. Thanks, Penny! I've been reading The Poetics of Space and I think it influenced this piece. A slow read, but a great one... Blanchard makes me think!