a solution

i've been planning what work will go in the show i'm having with another artist at a local art venue in august, and i had been thinking that i would mat and frame 3 of my daily quilts. i was concerned, however, that once i added the gallery commission, the cost of matting and framing, etc., the quilts would be priced considerably higher than if they were purchased in my etsy shop. it didn't feel right.

i'm pleased to report that i came up with a solution in the wee hours of the morning; make other quilts that are a different size and put those in the show!

here's the first one:

it's only 4.5 inches square, but i will mat it to fit a 16x20 inch frame - i happen to looooove large mats on small works. all the other pieces in the show will be either 16x20, too, or 18x24.

i've pretty much decided on the work - 14 pieces and a large textile hanging. a few are complete, but the others need to be tweaked or started. i had a bit of an anxiety  attack last night when i realized it's july and i need to complete everything and do all the matting and framing myself - all in time to hang the show 3 august. yikes.

i'm really pleased with what i have so far - they all go together well in theme, coloring, medium. i've seen a bit of the other artist's ceramic pieces and they are quite interesting - and i think it will be a pretty cohesive show. hope so!

karen anne


  1. Sounds like a wonderful solution. I too love smaller pieces in larger matting. I think your hands are going to be VERY busy this month.

  2. This is the perfect solution to the problem and your beautiful work will look lovely displayed this way.