indulged my love of color in this new print:

midnight sun. digital drawing. 10 x 11. 2012

i changed one of the prints i showed yesterday. i enlarged and simplified it, then embossed it with just a recessed window shape this time - i darkened it a bit here to make the embossing a bit easier to see. i'm changing the title, too, but haven't settled on the new one - have any suggestions?

karen anne


  1. I love the contrast of the muted colors against the deep, vibrant blue sky. Almost a time piece of the past and the future. For some reason the wide open blue sky always makes me think that anything is possible.

  2. These are luscious....you are quite the colorist, Karen Anne! Now I see the embossing....it's a lovely piece. I can't "think" of titles very well....they have to be whispered to me by the work....just listen for awhile and it will come to you for sure!