let there be light!

the skylight ( a 14" vellux solar tunnel) that i've been wanting for so long, was finally installed in the ceiling of my studio yesterday! oh, my, what glorious light i have now! tomorrow they'll be back to blow insulation into the space between the ceiling and the roof. our home was built in 1831 and there has never been insulation there... so it's been cold in the winter and hot in the summer. i had used a window ac unit until this spring when we had the small space pac air conditioning ducting run for the second and third floors. that's been wonderful except for the studio where, without insulation, it hasn't had much of a chance to cool the space... anyway, all this HOT summer i've been trying to work up there without even the window unit. pretty miserable. and, oh yeah, DARK. the one east facing window lets in light in the morning, but the other two are low, face south, and don't let much light in at all. (which is why i went ahead and put the furniture where i did...)

anyway, the studio is still all a mess with things moved out of the way of the workmen, and it's wrapped with sheets to try and save some surfaces from plaster dust, but i thought i'd post the pictures anyway because i'm just so excited!

now you can be excited with me!

karen anne


  1. I AM excited!!! We have several sola tubes installed in various rooms and I LOVE them!!! Our house is very dark due to the siting and the fact that there are trees everywhere keeping out the light. I think I might go mad if I didn't have that light coming in.

  2. i can't wait til all the work is done and i can give the studio a really good cleaning. the workmen cut another access in the ceiling in the hall today to blow the insulation in, and there's nothing like plaster dust everywhere...and now tracked all through the house as they marched upstairs and down...augh. it will all be worth it, though: a warm/cool'filled with light studio that is finally FINISHED!