what a mess...

thank heavens they've finished. problem is, now i have to figure out how to clean all the dust left from blowing in insulation in the ceiling space above my studio. and from cutting an access into the plaster ceiling. lord what a mess...

i had the forethought to remove my printer, computer, and sewing machine and cover the big horizontal surfaces with sheets, but i didn't anticipate that the dust would cover my books and things vertical...and somehow i forgot to remove the tv and it didn't even get covered...stupid, stupid, stupid.

i had plugged up the door to my fabric closet and to the little back bedroom, so, fortunately, those are in good shape, and we closed doors on the second floor so there's very little dust that traveled to those spaces.

i have a really good dust mask and i think just starting at the stairs leading up to the third floor will be the best idea...with a bucket of water and a supply of old rags and just start wiping everything. alternatively, i could hit the studio first with the door closed and kind of back my way out and then down the stairs, finishing there. maybe that would be better.


maybe a trip to run errands is in order first. i think best about these things when i'm out and about.

i'm happy to entertain any ideas from personal experience you might have. please send 'em in!

cheers, (alas, not so enthusiastically written today)
karen anne

p.s. on the bright side, and where i'm trying to focus: this is IT. once the cleaning is done the studio will be a warm in winter, cool in summer, filled with light all year 'round wonderfully workmen free space that is all MINE!!!

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  1. Oh good golly! I've never had it quite this bad. Some drywall dust here and there but nothing like what you're facing. I do think the damp cloth approach will gather it up better than anything else. Good luck!!