what to wear...

being female i just can't wear just anything to the gallery reception tonight. no black t-shirt and black jeans for this artist! heck no. when you have fiber works in the show ( and when you're me) you sort of feel an obligation to make something special to wear, ya know? so i made a sash with the same colors/feel as the vintage zuni squash blossom necklace (my grandmother's) that i'll be wearing, too - along with a long white linen skirt and black jersey top.

here 'tis

i put a pocket on the back so i can have my lipgloss, a tissue, and maybe a few business cards handy without having to carry a purse. pretty smart, 'eh?

looking fun to seeing friends and having a fun evening. it's raining right now, but hopefully folks will come out anyway. fingers crossed...

karen anne


  1. Hope the opening was a 'smashing success'! Your idea for the scarf is wonderful -- everyone will know you are also the artist of the wonderful fiber art on the walls. I like the idea of the pocket -- hate carrying a purse to an event like that and never know where to put things.