another wee painting...

kind of fun to gussy these little abstracts up with an ornate gold frame:

forgot to mention in the last post that these are on 5"x7" cold pressed watercolor paper...

it's a quiet sunday afternoon here...a good day to putter in the studio. in addition to this little painting (which may get some perforations added), i've been trying to hand forge some toggle closures out of steel wire for the necklaces i make, and i made the daily quilt. a productive day.

think it's about time to quit and spend some time with the wonderful man i share my life with, and my favorite puppy in the world.

karen anne

late entry: i went ahead and added some perforations...i think i liked it better without, but we'll see:

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  1. Very intersting - the juxtaposition of the gilded, ornate frames with the 'simplicity' of the paintings. I like it.