little paintings...

it seems that once i'm up in the studio and have finished my daily quilt i don't feel like leaving. this is a good thing, and it's been a long time coming. i started doing some small acrylic (sometimes gouache) paintings and am really enjoying picking up the brush, selecting a color, then more colors, and just seeing what happens. seems they all want to have something extra done to them, so i've add perforations, machine stitching, and hand embroidery - whatever they ask me to do. very much like the quilts in process and philosophy...

all are for sale in my lillehus etsy shop...

karen anne


  1. You've created some lovely paper quilts. Isn't it wonderful when the creativity just keeps coming.

  2. They are very much like my quilts...and it seems the more work I do, the more there is that keeps needing to be done!