i'm such a girl...

i love jewelry. and i especially enjoy making it of late. using the same process i use with my quilts, i surround myself with snippets of fabric and a collection of beads and then i:

listen  allow  trust  honor  let go

it's such a lovely way of working because it takes away the stress that used to plague me when I worked. i feel more like a facilitator than a creator, just helping things come into being. maybe midwife describes what i do more accurately. yeah. creative midwife nurturing lovely things into being...

here's what i helped "birth" this evening:

it will go into the shop tomorrow. i tried to post it but the wifi gremlins made it disappear just as i was finishing the listing and i just didn't feel like going through it all again!

karen anne


  1. Hi Karen Anne-
    Love your mantra: "listen, allow, trust, honor, let go". Wise words.

    Also love the result!

  2. Thank you, Julie! The mantra has really extended to the rest of my life now. That's a good thing!