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i've been busy!

1. got the show taken down and now i'm wondering where to put all the framed work...the  large quilt of the birch trees is going to rochester, ny as my gift to my daughter and son-in-law on their first anniversary. i'm so happy it will be in a home that's filled-to-brimming with love!

2. my dear friend brooke wiley interviewed me for her wonderful blog, the blue lotus seed. i know you'll love her blog as much as i do; she's wonderfully wise and writes beautifully! you can read the interview here.

3. i accepted an invitation to join TAFA - The Textile and Fiber Art List! quoting from their homepage, TAFA "is a business community of entrepreneurs rooted in textile and fiber art products and traditions. a majority of our members have social and environmental agendas at the core of their business. TAFA unites old and new traditions, their historical and modern importance, giving a shared platform to both contemporary and traditional textile techniques from all cultures.

i'm thrilled to be a part of the group. click here for the homepage to read more, and here for my profile page on the list. and when you go exploring on etsy, type in TAFA and you'll be guided to beautiful shops without having to wade through the clap-trap that unfortunately has such a presence on etsy - particualry in the textile and fiber area. type TAFA into the search areas of pinterest, linkedinravelry, and flickr, too, and prepared to be wowed!

4. i started a new section in my etsy shop called derivatives / jewelry and will soon add derivatives / small art. these will contain derivative designs; work inspired by the colors and textures of my daily quilts. they are developed using the same process as the quilts - by listening, allowing, trusting, honoring and then letting go. eventually these might be moved to a separate shop, but for now they wanted to keep company with the quilts and visa versa. what a friendly, happy little bunch i have in my shop! here's the necklace i just put in today:  

karen anne

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  1. Wow - you have been busy, busy, busy. All of it good and all of it creative. I'm excited for your successes and to be able to see your artwork grow and grow.