six months and counting...

six months ago, on 6 march 2012, i decided to start a practice of making a small art quilt each day.

today i will make the one hundred thirty-second quilt.

like children, each is different, but together they make a family:

three of the "children" have left home, and i imagine them happy in their new homes, bringing joy and brightening another corner of the world.

time to make today's.

time to listen, allow, trust, honor, and... let go.

karen anne


  1. Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment and quite a challenge you set for yourself. I've been enjoying viewing your daily quilts...the colors, lines, movement, textures are wonderful.

  2. I admire your 'one quilt a day' project. I have enough trouble getting work done on my ongoing pieces that I doubt if I could ever meet that kind of deadline. You have a wonderful batch of work to mark the year!