'tis a gift to be simple...

my daily quilts really have a life of their own. some are busy, some some are minimal, some are loud, some quiet. listening to them is one of the joys in my day. i have to be quite still and quiet to hear them sometimes.

the past two days they've been asking to be square instead of rectangular. they've asked to have simple shapes and solid colors. i don't know how many will follow the lead of these two, but i'm happy to do as asked. they seem to have a clarity that i'm drawn to.


she loved being on stage, being the center of attention, being in the spotlight.
fortunately she had some talent and people didn't wince when she appeared.
but if they did, well, she knew how to tap dance and she'd just dance her
way off the stage, out of the theater, and all the way home...


after three years growing quietly in her garden, the little crape myrtle bloomed.
just a few pink flowers, but wonderful to behold. "i'm a late bloomer, too" she said.
"i wonder what color i'll be?"

do you like them?

karen anne


  1. I LOVE them!!! Love the small story you've included - which brings them to life for me. Your color sense is so strong and wonderful.

  2. The stories have become such a part of the process now...can't remember when I first started including them - I'll have to look back and see if I can figure it out. Each quilt has "told" me something - I just didn't right it down in the beginning...